18. February 2012 Structuristic Art at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz

A delegation of three conducted an intensive workshop during this year’s Careers’ Day at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz with Felix Stoffel, the founder of Structuristic Art Studies. The group of participants consisted of eight IB Department (IB=International Baccalaureate) students. Their highly dedicated art instructor, Hedi-K Ernst Schmid, who is herself a very well versed artist of international acclaim, also did not want to miss the opportunity to practice this progressive painting technique.
The person in charge of the intensive study course was the Artistic Director of the Structuristic Centre in Lindau on the Lake of Constance, Laila Capadrutt. Her assistant was another teacher of the team, who also happens to be a student of art history: Onna Rageth. In conjunction with the event, Judith Capadrutt, who focuses primarily on the sale of Structuristic Works, placed various pieces on exhibit at a booth that had been constructed specifically for this purpose.

To be able to guarantee the success of such an art workshop, several ingredients have to be carefully selected and coordinated, just like the components of an enjoyable multi-course dinner:
In this case, eight highly motivated students – male and female – of different ages who had previously had the opportunity to develop their talents thanks to the support of the experienced, globetrotting and metropolitan artist and art teacher Hedi-K Ernst Schmid were the key ingredient. A vast, light flooded room; all of the essential equipment paired with premium quality materials and artistic utensils were also of great importance. The innovative technique of Structuristic Painting is easy to learn. It provides the framework as well as the core element for an interesting class during which students definitely learn a lot. Obviously, none of this would work without the full commitment of everyone involved. The class brought more than enough of it to the table. After all, for some of the older participants, the production of their first Structuristic Work also was a part of their IB graduation work. Consequently, these participants will describe the respective experiences in writing, along with photographically documented work steps. In the near future, these works will be officially exhibited at the Lyceum in conjunction with the graduation festivities.

For Felix Stoffel, who had studied at this esteemed institution in the 1970s, the course was an exciting event for two reasons: not only did he have a chance to find out first-hand how much the art classes at the Lyceum Alpinum had been changed and expanded since that era. He was also able to once again recognize the pedagogic power of his Structuristic Art Studies. After all, a total of seven nations convened around a single table in order to practice this new art form in a team setting with so much joy. The shared interest participants demonstrated in each other’s work evidenced the social bond the concept of Structuristic Art as such is able to inspire in its followers. For more information please visit www.structuristicart.com.

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