Each picture can be registered on a voluntary basis for a small fee as long as the Structuristic criteria of craftsmanship have to be fulfilled. The fee includes also the presentation of the artwork in the online gallery anonymously.

The piece of art is subsequently registered with a distinctive code. The encoding serves an inimitable recognition and therefore the consequent promotion of the Structuristic Art project. As a result, artists and their work become official members of the community of Structuristic artists. Only pictures which are registered by the Structuristic Art Centre are considered to be official Structuristic paintings.

As evident from category Works, a gigantic organism of images that are certainly extremely interesting is now slowly evolving (as of 2021, more than 2600 registered works by around 600 structuralists in 21 nations). Every picture has been created independently, yet it forms a part of a social community piece of art. Nothing that comes even close does currently exist in art history. Artist communities did indeed develop in the past time and again, however, the individuals were always much too focused on making their own goals materialize.