Artistic talent is a passive gift that life awards an individual. It may, but does not have to necessarily lead to success. Creating a work of art industriously and driven by persistence is an active gift bestowed upon creation by the individual. The human being who achieves this feat distinguishes himself or herself and is a true winner either way. Felix Stoffel

Every person is a unique creation whose individual personality can be greatly developed through the arts. Sculpture work and in particular the art of painting develops an enormous force during this process of not only activating creative talent, but to allow them to materialize as well.

The Structuristic Art Center in Hamfelde (closed to Hamburg) offers children, adolescents and adults access to artistic work in an amazingly simple way. Thanks to the unique technique of Structuristic Art Studies, students create autonomous and highly interesting paintings after a very short time of learning. Neither prior knowledge nor special talent is required. What is important is the true enjoyment of artistic work and having fun with colors and shapes. Furthermore, as this new direction of art expands, participants have the actual opportunity to partake in its increasing degree of popularity and to even attain a certain amount of celebrity one day.

Nevertheless, what is even more important is the fact that the idea of a Structuristic collective also fosters the concrete foundation of businesses and therefore the creation of sources of income for creative individuals who otherwise would have to make a living beyond their artistic work. Instructors who have completed their studies and obtained a pertinent diploma as a Structuristic Teacher do, after all have the opportunity to open their own Structuristic Teaching Academies.

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